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{IDC files}
Download scripts to automate the Interactive Disassembler


{pe scripts by Atli Gudmundsson}
Enhances handling/modification of pe files.

{SofICE/Icedump parsing scripts by Toteu}
Further studying inc files of icedump and nticedump, I realised that they contain a lot of info and I wrote 2 IDC scripts for IDA to parse them and propagate the info in disassembly. Very useful.

{H2enum by Leonid Lisovsky}
This file creates IDA Enums by parsing C/C++ .H include file

{idc script collection}
A collection of IDC scripts.

{Delphi RTTI script by redplait}
This script deal with Delphi RTTI structures

{Pseudo_C by trapflag}
Creates pseudo-c code to aid you in the progress of decompiling a target. Of course, the script doesn't give you accurate results. It doesn't have any dataflow analysis nor doese it handle every mnemonic/code structure. My intention was to play a bit with the IDC scripting language.

{Award Bios script by Alexey Kulentsov}
No description available

{Script to import DDM map files by Aleph}
A very simple IDA script and two primitive utilities for reformatting EXE2DPR and DeDe output files and reimport them to IDA database

{Useful toys by Hard Wisdom}
needs perl.

{MSVC32.idc by MJM}
This file contains helpers mostly for disassembling Microsoft 32bits executable image...

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