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Visit the developers of the Interactive Disassembler Pro. You'll find more excellent tutorials and support when you buy a copy of this masterpiece of software.

{Sabre Security}
Sabre Security is a company offering a set of very good high quality IDA plugins.
This page is a *must* visit!

{Personal Blog by Dennis Elser}
You'll find a part of what's floating around in my brain.

{Project: OpenAudit.org}
The goal of OpenAudit.org is to provide support for auditing applications including binary audits through extensions of the IDA Pro disassembler by DataRescue sa/nv.

{Reverse engineering on Wikipedia}
"Reverse engineering (RE) is the process of taking something [...] apart and analyzing its workings in detail"

{The Program Transformation Wiki}
Do you want to know more about reverse engineering, decompilation and program transformation in general?

Reverse engineering related site

{Willem Hengeveld's IDA tips and tricks}
Links, tips and tricks, interesting plugins.

{The Interweb}
Sebastian Porst's page covers IDA, disassembly, reverse engineering, programming issues... it has definately the potential to become my new favourite page.

{Ilfak Guilfanov's Hexblog}
Blog about IDA, reverse engineering and decompilation.

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