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{Signature files for NDS files}
These are signature files for Nintendo DS files.

{Signature files}
Download a collection of signature files for IDA here.

{DLL2IDS by Yury Haron}
This is a collection of utilities to create/maintain IDS files for IDA Pro. The IDS files are used automatically by IDA to assign meaningful names, comments and additional information to the imported DLL functions.

{sice_ida by Gij}
A Perl script to import IDA symbols into SoftICE.

{map2idc by zapzap}
This simple program converts map files (especially those that are output of DeDe 2.50 by DaFixer) into IDA's idc scripts. You can load these scripts to IDA by pressing F2.
(requires perl).

{Openaudit project}
The goal of OpenAudit.org is to provide support for auditing applications including binary audits through extensions of the IDA Pro disassembler by DataRescue sa/nv.
(this download comes with a plugin skeleton).

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