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{How to write plugins and IDCs by Quine}
Taken from Quine's IDA pages.

{An in-depth Bagle-Analysis by Konstantin Rozinov}
Updates might be found here: http://rozinov.sfs.poly.edu/papers/

{Unpacking malicious software using IDA Pro extensions by Dennis Elser}
Walkthrough/paper for EPF and DumpSeg plugins.

{A paper on loop detection by Peter Silberman}
During the course of this paper the reader will gain new knowledge about previous and new research on the subject of loop detection. The topic of loop detection will be applied to the field of binary analysis and a case study will be given to illustrate its uses.

{IDA Plugin Writing Tutorial by Steve Micallef}
This tutorial will get you started with writing IDA plug-ins, beginning with an introduction to the SDK, followed by setting up a development/build environment on various platforms. You'll then gain a good understanding of how various classes and structures are used, followed by usage of some of the more widely used functions exported.

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