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Download plugins for the Interactive Disassembler here.


{COM Plugin V 1.2 by Dieter Spaar}
The plugin tries to extract the symbol information from the typelibrary of the COM component. It will then set the function names of interface methods and their parameters, and finally add a comment with the MIDL-style declaration of the interface method.
(comes with sourcecode).

{_Get_ASM v1.01 by J.C. Roberts}
Shows two seperate ways to grab the ASM text from a particular address.
(comes with sourcecode).

{IDB to PAT v1.0 by J.C. Roberts}
Create pattern files from an IDB.
(comes with sourcecode).

{RDBG v0.1b by lallous}
Adds remote debugging capabilities to IDA. Enables you to trace malicious code on a different box using IDA as the interface.
(unfortunately without sourcecode).

{Debug Active process plugin by lallous}
Attaches the IDA debugger to an active process.
(comes with sourcecode).

{IDA to SoftIce symbol loader by Mostek}
Creates symbol files out of an IDA database loadable by SoftICE.
(comes with sourcecode).

{Strings/Imports/Exports Viewer by Amante4/Mostek}
Displays imported and exported functions and strings embedded in an executable.
(comes with sourcecode).

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